Guru Management Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring Services was established in 2008
by Diana Misim.

We provide services to corporates and professionals aiming for the “Leadership of the Consciousness Age“.


We help organizations & professionals
evaluate the system and the process they are in to take actions towards their goals, to develop and to maximize their potential, and to reach a more effective performance in each and every area of possible improvement.


Services are grouped as;


Brand Communication


Guru Management Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring Services Team Members have gained experience in leading international and national companies, advanced in their careers, and held senior management positions. Their dedication to learning and self-development have led to a cumulation of experience and knowledge, which are now offered to professionals.

In her 35 year business life, Diana Misim, worked 23 years for well known large corporations. She started as a Sales Rep. for IBM and eventually became the General Manager of Koç Bryce, the Training company of the Koç Group. Working at many managerial levels enabled her gain a broad base of extensive experience.

In 2008 she established her own company to fulfil her dreams.

Diana Misim is one of the few accredited ‘Systems’ coaches (ORSCC) (Certified Organization & Relationship Systems Coach) in Turkey and is an experienced (3500+ hours) Professional Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Diana Misim,

Providing the following services since 2008;

• Executive Committee, Senior (CxO) & Mid-level Management and Leadership Coach,
• Organization & Relationship Systems and Team Coach,
. Systems and Agile Coach
• Alignment & Conflict Management Coach
. Shadow Coach
• In-house Mentoring & Coaching Programs Designer
• Inhouse Mentor & Inhouse Coach Supervisor
• Resilience Expert
. Change Management and Process Development Facilitator

Social Responsibility

Diana Misim’s social responsibility focuses on

specific projects to strengthen gender

equality & inclusion of women.

She has been a member of Kagider

(Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey)

and has served as a trainer and mentor for

Women Leaders of the Future.

Diana Misim has been organizing the Mermaid

National Women’s Sailing Cup with her partners,

and donating the trophy income to the

Mother-Child Education Foundation (AÇEV),

one of the leading Turkish foundations

for women and their families.


The Mermaid National Women’s Sailing Cup aims to

create a platform for the corporate arena to improve

business women’s ability in team building, reaching

goals, fighting difficult conditions,

embracing the challenges, and uniting with nature,

as well as supporting and developing women’s interest in sailing.